Peacock River Ranch

The bridal planner

Six - Twelve Months Prior to Wedding

  1. Call for availability of Peacock River Ranch.
  2. Compile guest lists including family and friends.
  3. Begin shopping for wedding rings - keep accurate notes on prices and jewelers.
  4. Begin interviewing caterers.
  5. Begin shopping for wedding gown and bridal accessories.
  6. Begin shopping for attendants gowns and accessories.
  7. Begin interviewing photographers and videophotographers for availability, cost, services.
  8. Begin interviewing for floral designer.
  9. Schedule engagement photograph.
  10. Begin making inquiries into music (vocal, instrumental, DJ - ceremony & reception).
  11. Contact travel agent to begin plans for honeymoon.
  12. Confirm passport is current and meets new guidelines.

Three - Six Months Prior to Wedding

  1. Select and order men's wardrobe.
  2. Order wedding invitations & programs.
  3. Prepare & print map to be included with invitations.
  4. Confirm reservations for honeymoon - air, hotel, car, events.
  5. Register at "Bridal Registries".
  6. Make reservations for wedding & reception rental items - chairs, linens, candelabras.
  7. Make reservations for limousine, carriage, etc.
  8. Reserve hotel rooms for out-of-town guests.
  9. Sample and order wedding and groom's cakes.
  10. Make reservations at restaurant for rehersal dinner.

One - Two Months Prior to Wedding

  1. Begin shopping for honeymoon wardrobe.
  2. Mail wedding invitations.
  3. Shop for attendants gifts.
  4. Review and finalize floral arrangements.
  5. Select ceremony accessories.
  6. Decide on decorations for reception and wedding ceremony.
  7. Update immunizations if needed for out of country honeymoon.
  8. Final wedding gown fitting.
  9. Final attendants gown fitting.
  10. Select floral preservationist.
  11. Make inquiries into gown preservationist.

One Month - Two Weeks Prior to Wedding

  1. Make appointment for manicure, pedicure, facial.
  2. Mail invitations for rehearsal dinner.
  3. Make baskets & complete other accessories for reception.
  4. Call photographer to schedule bridal portrait.
  5. Make reservations for bridesmaid's luncheon.
  6. Reconfirm honeymoon reservations - air, hotel, car, events.
  7. Keep a record of recieved gifts and write thank you notes.
  8. Schedule final appointment with hair stylist & make-up artist.
  9. Confirm time & date of rehersal with everyone involved.
  10. Review wedding and/or reception seating.
  11. Confirm wedding party arrival and transportation.
  12. Confirm hotel reservations for out of town guests.
  13. confirm availability of dressing area.
  14. Make arrangements for gown and floral preservation.
  15. Make arrangements for change of name and address - bank accounts, social security, credit cards, drivers license, etc.

One - Two Weeks Prior to Wedding

  1. Pick up wedding rings and confirm fit.
  2. Final consultation with all service providers.
  3. Final guest count to wedding manager.
  4. Final guest count to caterers.
  5. Men pick up formals, shoes and confirm fit.
  6. Pack for honeymoon.

Sunset times

Sunset times are a resource provided below to help plan your ceremony, any time of year.

Sunset times.